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Murickens Group, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company provides thermal converting energy solutions

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First one Flat plate collector (FPC) – An insulated, weather-proofed box containing a dark absorber plate under one or more transparent or translucent covers.

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Evacuated Tube Collectors which is made up of rows of parallel, transparent glass tubes. Each tube consists of a glass outer tube and an inner tube called absorber which is covered with a selective coating.

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Flyline Solar hybrid Inverter

The time has come for us to go green. Our power productions are becoming scarce due to changing climatic conditions and the natural resources getting short day by day. Click Here

Flyline Solar Standalone UPS

In this age of non renewable energy scarcity we need to think wisely about utilizing renewable energy recourses. The field of renewable energy power production is boosting now a days. Click Here

Flyline Solar Cells

Murickens developed solar panels with highly efficient GERMAN modules assembled in India certified with ISO quality testing and Government of India CPRI. Click Here

Flyline Solar Charge Controller

Flyline Solar Charger Controller is used to regulate the power supply flowing through battery packs while charging or discharging to give a fault free... Click Here

Flyline Solar Street Light

Murickens "Flyline Solar Street light System” is using solar energy received by solar panels to charge the battery 12 V or 24 V which can be used for streetlightsClick Here

Flyline Solar Grid Compensation System

Flyline solar grid sharing system is an ideal for a category of power consumers like educational institutions, offices, shops etc, use a major percent of their total power consumption during day time. Click Here

Flyline Solar Ongrid Inverter

In the new scheme the individual household solar plants will give the KSEB board the excess electricity produced from the Flyline solar plant and in return the KSEB will pay you money. Click Here

Flyline Solar Online Inverter

Murickens Uninterrupted Power Supply Online system the name itself denominates this role. It is commonly used for places where we need constant voltage..Click Here

Flyline Solar UPS

This system includes Flyline solar BPCU and solar panel. God’s own country Kerala, is wealthy of sufficient sun light and hence this system is much suitable for Kerala. Click Here

FDP Modular digital Over & Under Voltage Protector

is self –healing phase failure and phase sequence for 3 phase protective relay and it’s a brand new germen technology equipment invented by Murickens group to protect household electrical devices Click Here

Flyline Voltage Stabilizer

It works as a guard for electronic house hold equipments, commonly used for fridge, freezer, TV, DVD, music systems, it is fully automatic with different capacities and working ranges.Click Here

Flyline Step-Up Stabilizer

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Flyline 110V Stabilizer

In this system the voltage is reduced from primary windings to the secondary windings. In this a transformer is designed in such a way that the primary winding...Click Here

Flyline UPS Cum Inverter

An uninterrupted power supply system can be considered a life saving device as it helps to avoid serious situations such as fatalities that could occur in a hospital due to..Click Here

Flyline Inverter

An inverter is used to provide power to a minimum level in case of power failure. It is maintenance free, has single switch operation, fully automatic, auto reset itself and it..Click Here

Flyline Offline UPS

Flyline Offline UPS - Murickens manufacture different capacities of UPS for office and domestic purpose. For domestic purpose off-line UPS is sufficient and affordable...Click Here

Flyline Solar Tubular Battery

We also made footstep in to the field of tubular batteries. We are supplying tubular batteries all over Kerala in public and private sectors Murickens Groups..Click Here

Flyline Solar DC Light

Murickens Group adapting the latest technology of Flyline DC Home Light System. For avoiding the high usage of electricity and huge current bills.Click Here

Flyline Solar Advt:Board Light

Advertisements are inevitable for every business and among them advertisement boards in cities and road sides need lights so that they can be seen at night. Click Here

Flyline Inverter

It is a fully automatic electronic inverter commonly used in the place where continuous supply of power is needed. Now-a-days it is necessary for home and office instead of ..Click Here

MG Dead Body Freezer

We have Standard model and extra large model. We have two type of top cover glass- Acrylic single sheet fiber glass and pure glass.
Click Here

MG Deep Freezer

We, the Murickens group are the first manufacturers of freezers in India with low power consumption. It is made in the brand name of MG Deep Freezer. Click Here

MG Dead Body Chamber

New revolutionary adventure for dead body preserving unit used for hospitals and nursing homes with low investment and power saving model. Normally all multi body...Click Here

MG Servo Stabilizer

Murickens introduced to Kerala market Mg servo stabilizer which is an electronic device that gives constant output voltage all the time.
Click Here